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Massage Products

If you're like most people, you work hard all day, most everyday, and a soothing back or body massage would work wonders. Here is your solution - these massage products are designed to provide targeted therapeutic massage for the areas your body suffers most. Our Contour cushions and pillows feature massaging features for specific massage for most muscle areas including the back, neck, thighs and calves. Our back wedges provide support and massage features to sore backs. Plus, these other hand-held massagers offer all over body therapy

  • Butterfly Leg Pillow - Our famous leg pillow now has massage! Foot and leg massage also supports lower body at night
  • Fleece Back Wedge - Ergonomic support foam covered in comfort fleece and complete with built-in massage! - Supports your back while it massages.
  • Thumper Versa Pro Massager - The VERSA PRO is the best total body massager made! For back, legs and hips, hands and arms, and feet.