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Folding Wedge Slip Cover, 24" Length Folding Wedge
  • Slip Cover for 24" Folding Wedge to protect your Bed Wedge
  • Top Cover for Bed Wedge
  • Pillow Case for Folding Wedge, 24" Length

Fitted pillow cover designed for our 24" long Contour Folding Wedge. Luxurious fleece material covers the top and side portions of your wedge. It easily removes for machine washing. Read More...

On Sale From $14.95
Regular Price: $17.95 (You save $3.00)

Help Keep Your Folding Wedge Clean

This Contour Folding Wedge Slip Cover is made to fit all heights in the 24" length wedges. Made from a cotton blend, this pillow cover offers a softer sleeping surface for your Folding Wedge. This custom fit pillow case is made to fit the 24" Folding Wedge and allows for easier removal to wash and protect your wedge.


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