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Fiber Pillow Best Sellers

Contour Secret Pillow

Buy 2 and Get $5 Off Each Pillow

The only pillow to combine contour foam with a fluffy fiberfill wrap.LEARN MORE

Revolutionary pillow accommodates and supports you in every position whether it is for your back, legs or knees. LEARN MORE

Support Your Neck With Our Twist and Neck Pillows

Fiber-filled bed pillows provide an experience much like tradition pillows, but often incorporate the design elements of contour pillows. . Fiber-filling usually is usually a synthetic fill like polyester. This fill is usually hypoallergenic and cause fewer allergic reactions. Covers are usually 100% cotton. The result is a very soft, comfortable pillow. Different design elements are usually sewed into the cover, including special shapes, supportive lobes, cutouts and center depressions for the head. Often, each side of the pillow has different sized lobes with different levels of fill, creating a choice between degree of firmness and level (or size) of cervical support. Considerations include specific elements for certain medical conditions, overall cervical support and proper alignment, as well as, personal preference.

  • $45.00 $29.95
    Ortho Fiber filled Contour Neck and Head support pillow

  • $89.99 $39.95
    Contour Dual Comfort Pillow has a unique reversible cover

  • $38.00 $29.95
    Contour Secret Bed Pillow

  • $60.00 $39.95
    Contour 4 Flip Pillow

  • $54.00 $43.11
    Tri Core Cervical pillow by Core Products

  • $33.00 $26.99
    Petite-Core Cervical Pillow

  • $54.00 $43.11
    Cervalign cervical pillow