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Dual Comfort Temperature Control Pillow
  • Contour Dual Comfort Pillow has a unique reversible cover
  • Premium Quality Cover and Fiber-Filled Pillow
  • Sleep on cooler mesh surface when hotter, or switch to quilted side for warmer, cozier feel.
  • Satin piping trim on outer edge of pillow
  • Inner Core supports heand neck and sholders
  • Warm side is high quality quilted cotton
  • 3-D mesh promotes increased air circulation for cooler sleep
  • Dual Comfort Temperature Control bed Pillow

Reversible Cover Offers Quilted Cotton on One Side, Cool Mesh on Other Our new premium orthopedic pillow - a premium quality versatile cover with a fiber-filled orthopedic inner core. Resulting pillow is a soft yet supportive pillow with the ability to offer a cooler or warmer surface depending on users' preference. Read More...

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A Dual Sided Premium Quality Support Pillow for Both Warm and Cool Sleepers

Our brand new Dual Comfort Pillow combines an orthopedic fiber-filled core with a premium quality outer cover.  The outer cover is reversible with a quilted 300 thread count, 100% cotton surface (warm and cozy) on one side, or turn inside out to sleep on a thin 3-D Mesh layer which allows air to circulate under your head and produces a cooler surface.

  • Premium quality cover is zippered, machine washable and double sided:
    • Warm & Cozy Quilted Cotton Layer provides warm and dry comfort from 300 thread count, 100% cotton.   Includes satin piping in "Contour blue".
    • Cool and Dry Breathable 3-D Mesh allows you to sleep on a virtual layer of air, allowing better air circulation and a cooler sleep experience.
  • Inner core is a completely enclosed fiber-filled pillow designed to provide orthopedic neck and head support.   It features different height outer lobes and a depressed, quilted center panel to accomodate  head and ear.
  • Adds versatility and luxury to improve sleep experience.




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