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Deluxe 4 Inch Seat Cushion
  • 4 Inch Tall Seat Cushion Raises User

Deluxe Seat Cushion offers firm support and is 4 inches tall to lift users up from their seating surface. Includes a removable zippered black leatherette cushion cover with straps. Read More...

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Need a Taller Seat Cushion?  This One is 4 Inches Tall!

This Deluxe Seat Cushion is a firm cushion, designed to lift users up from their seating surface. It's made with a firm support foam that is a full 4 inches in height. Includes a hardboard for extra support in wheelchairs and other soft bottom chairs.

  • Firm support cushion is 4 inches tall providing extra lift and comfort
  • Includes removable hardboard for use on soft surfaces and wheelchairs - prevents hammock effect
  • Includes a removable zippered black leatherette cover with straps  
  • Cushion is 16" x 16" x 4" tall

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