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CPAPMax Pillow
  • CPAPMax Pillow helps CPAP users find a comfortable position
  • Features two large cut-outs on either side of pillow
  • Brand new and in retail package
  • CPAPMax includes a layer of foam which is removable  and changes the height of the pillow
Customer Rating:
4out of 5 - based on 57 reviews

Designed to be more comfortable than your regular pillow! The CPAPMax Pillow can help reduce CPAP mask leaks and mask pressure, plus help you find a comfortable position to sleep all night, even with a cumbersome CPAP Mask. The larger cut-outs on either side allow you to sleep on either side of the pillow. We've added a range of heights, a cooler memory foam surface and a traditional fiber fill surface - All in the same pillow!

Approved for Reimbursement under Flexible Spending Accounts


On Sale From $59.95
In stock and ready to ship
Regular Price: $79.99 (You save $20.04)

quantity discounts for contour products
quantity discounts for contour products

New CPAPmax Pillow Offers Significant Design Improvements for CPAP Therapy


Maximize your CPAP Therapy experience with our next generation CPAPmax Pillow!

  • Experience a cooler sleep experience - reduce heat and perspiration
  • Now includes a removable 3/4" foam layer so you control your pillow thickness
  • Innovative 2 in 1 design lets you choose a plush memory foam surface, or flip pillow over for traditional fiberfill feel
  • Improved design provides superior support and comfort while working with your CPAP Therapy
  • Covered by 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • This product qualifies four our extended returns guarantee!

Feedback from a CPAPMax Pillow customer:  "I bought the pillow for my husband. Since he has been using it he has been sleeping much more comfortably which has made his CPAP use much greater. So his health is better. And since he is sleeping better so am I. I recommended this to anyone who is a CPAP user."...7/9/13

New: CPAPMax Comfort Kit!

The comfort kit contains a CPAPMax pillow, custom pillow case, canister of CPAP wipes and a 6' CPAP Hose Cover. Great for new CPAP users or as a gift. Plus, you'll save 10% - bundled price is normally $100!



The CPAPmax Next generation Pillow Story:

While the original Contour CPAP Pillow has been incredibly successful in addressing mask interference issues, our goal with the CPAPmax Pillow was to create a pillow for sleep apnea patients that not only performs better, but is also more comfortable than most traditional pillows. The pillow's dual sided design features fiber on one side and memory foam on the other, which appeals to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences.One challenge that we faced in utilizing these popular materials was insuring that proper support and stability was maintained so that the integrity of the pillow's CPAP mask pockets stayed intact.

We were able to stabilize the memory foam and fiber material by inserting a center layer of high resiliency foam to provide form, support, and relief from comfort issues. Additionally, heat build-up, often an issue with CPAP patients who use humidified air, was resolved with a unique perforation process that ventilates all the way through the pillow. This combined with a 3-D mesh cover that keeps the user suspended above the ventilated foam, allows air to circulate and humidity and moisture to dissipate.

The result is a pillow designed specifically for CPAP therapy users, but comfortable enough for anyone to enjoy.

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  1. Very good!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2014

    Meets all my need and more. Great design for shape and temperature control!

  2. Just what the doctor ordered

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2014

    My respiratory therapist recommended this for me. This is the same pillow he offered for $99 but was only $59.95 on this site.

    It actually works to keep my mask from leaking.

  3. good quality

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2014

    All the items in the kit including this pillow are of excellent quality & craftmanship. This pillow is versatile & has so many nice options. I am impressed that the quality is so good.

  4. Perfect Product and Highest Quality

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2014

    The design is perfect for my needs. The quality is exactly what I require, only the best!

  5. Great support and comfort!

    Posted by Brian on 19th Jun 2014

    It might take a couple of nights to adjust to the difference, but the advantages are reaped with neck support and cut-aways on both edges to accommodate mask / tube. It would be nicer to be a little wider overall (or offer two sizes).

  6. End of CPAP leaks!

    Posted by Diane on 12th Jun 2014

    This pillow works great for anyone who is a side sleeper. I had a pillow similar to this that had worn out and for 2 years I've been keeping my husband awake because of air leakage "whistle". I've been using it about 6 weeks and he's only complained once! I also order the pillow case which is very nice but a regular case also works. Definitely worth every penny spent.

    I did not have any problems with an odor as many have mentioned.

  7. Meets my needs

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2014

    This pillow is very odorous when first opened. I really was afraid it would not dissipate. However, it did and I actually like using it, both with and without my CPAP.

    Customer Service Response:
    With pillows, the off gassing is not normal, however it does sometimes occur when they wrap the pillow in packaging too soon after cutting the foam and processing. Normally we do recommend, that you do remove the cover completely and they should dissipate, this is a normal procedure with various foam products from many manufacturers.

  8. hoping

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2014

    Product said it would take 3-5 days to get use to pillow.... still hoping my head will settle into the pillow's firmness. Maybe it is taking longer because I have to sleep on my back.

  9. Absolutely Love IT!

    Posted by Sandra on 27th May 2014

    I have received my pillow and I have used it for 4 nights. I absolutely love it. I wish I had gotten one along time ago. Now I sleep all through the night and I'm getting the rest I need. Love this pillow and i will recommend it to everyone.

  10. Helpful, but a few caveats.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2014

    I'm a side sleeper and prefer a hybrid mask, but keep a full-face mask handy as well. My hybrid masks have been breaking over time in the same location partly due to their design and I think partly because of the pressure put on the mask while I'm sleeping. I haven't gotten my new hybrid yet, but I can tell a difference using my full-face mask. Things do seem aligned better, I'm waking less often to re-seat the mask, and I feel as though I've had a more restful sleep.

    Caveats--This pillow smells funny. Not that big a deal while you're sleeping since you're breathing through the CPAP. Any other time you're near it, you can smell it. So far it doesn't really seem like a pillow you'd want to prop up and lean against if sitting in the bed while awake.

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