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Deluxe Comfort Kits

Bundle up these products and save 10%

Our comfort kits are available for all CPAP pillows (both CPAPMax and Contour CPAP pillows). These kits include the pillow, an extra slip cover, mask wipes and a zippered hose cover.LEARN MORE

This pillow is designed for sleep apnea patiens who wear oxygen masks. LEARN MORE

Maximize Your CPAP Therapy With Our CPAP Products
  • $15.00 $9.99
    CPAP Mask Wipes

  • $12.00 $10.99
    Citrus II Cleaning Wipes for CPAP masks and equipment

  • $10.00 $9.99
    CPAP Mask Spray Cleaner

  • $10.00 $7.99
    CPAP Mask Cleaner - 1.5 oz

  • $44.00 $33.99
    Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser

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