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Contour BackMax Body Wedge System
  • BackMax Wedge Cushions support your entire body
  • Inflatable BackMax With three Cushions
  • Elevates any part of the body
  • Create your own support positions
  • Use each wedge cushion individually for targeted support
  • Available in two models - Foam or inflatable
  • Standard Width 20" Foam BackMax
  • Inflatable BackMax Back and Foot Wedges Only
  • BackMax Standard Now in Inflatable  - Great for Travel!
  • Use each cushion together or separately in a variety of positions
  • Use in combination for a variety of support positions
Customer Rating:
5out of 5 - based on 31 reviews

Now Available In Two Different Models! The BackMax Body Wedge set is now available not only in foam, but an inflatable version as well. This 3 piece wedge system is perfect for those looking for support and comfort from lounging to post surgery recovery comfort! What makes this BackMax unique is that it allows the users to separate and fold the wedges into different positions to provide comfort and support, no matter where your pain point might be. Read More...

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In stock and ready to ship

Comfort and Support Solution From Lounging to Post Surgery!

Available in two different versions, foam and inflatable. Both BackMax models offer optimal support and comfort while providing multi-use support. Use the wedge system to provide full body support, or simply unzip the wedges for separate use as a back wedge, knee wedge or elevated foot support.

One of the key features of the BackMax Body Wedge System is that you can lay in the "Zero Gravity, Stress Free Position", which helps promote better circulation. This wedge system has been helpful for those looking for post surgery comfort, acid reflux, pregnancy plus much more! Whether you are relaxing, exercising, reading, or sleeping, the Inflatable BackMax offers support for your pain points from your back, legs or feet.

BackMax Body Wedge Basics:

  • Each BackMax comes with three individual cushions -
    • zippered together they support your entire body
    • un-zip each cushion and use individually to support targeted areas of your body!
    • Each cushion is contoured to fit the natural curves of your body for optimum support and comfort
    • Includes the "Zero Stress" position - Places your body in a fully supported 120 degree angle, creating a relaxed and balanced position from head to toe
    • The BackMax is a long time favorite of our customers - Use it for complete body support, or seperate for only the areas needed most.   It's great for back support, digestive ailments like GERD or acid reflux, pregnancy or post surgery recovery.
  • Available in traditional foam cushions, or in a new inflatable version:
    • Standard Foam BackMax features a 20" wide standard set, with a standard two-tone, cover.  All support surfaces are fleece.  includes a free custom pillow.
    • The BackMax Plus is a 28" wide upgraded foam model.  The wider cushions add stability and room for arms.  The cover is upgraded to fleece on all surfaces in a caramel color.  Also includes a free pillow (fleece and a handy storage bag.
    • The Inflatable BackMax Cushion Set offers all the key benefits of our foam cushion BackMax Body Wedges, but comes in a compact size perfect for storage and travel.  It includes a motorized pump to quickly inflate and deflate the cushions.   The cushions are easily adjusted for custom level of support.   All inflatables include a handy bag suitible for storage and travel.  Available in twowidths:  Standard 20" and Wide 28" 
  •  This product qualifies four our extended returns guarantee!

More About our New Inflatable BackMax

The Inflatable BackMax is a multi-functional support system that allows users to use all 3 wedges as one, or as separate cushions for targeted support.  Use the cushions together for full body support, or separately as a backrest, knee wedge or foot support.  Each cushion inflates to your own custom level of support with the included air pump, and deflates just as easily.  Once deflated, each cushion is compact and the perfect size for travel.   

The Inflatable BackMax Cushion Set offers all the key benefits of our foam cushion BackMax Body Wedges, but comes in a compact size perfect for storage and travel.

  • Each cushion is contoured to fit the natural curves of your body for optimum support and comfort
  • Includes hand held, portable motorized pump to easily inflate and deflate each cushion
  • Three cushion set zippers together and can be combined into multiple support positions
  • Includes the "Zero Stress" position - Places your body in a fully supported 120 degree angle, creating a relaxed and balanced position from head to toe.
  • Includes a handy travel bag for your convenience
  • Deflates for easy storage and easy travel
  • Available in 2 different widths; 20” and 28” 
  • Adjustable firmness and height to better suit your comfort level

Support and Comfort from Head to Toe!

Stomach Support

When laying on your stomach, the Contour Inflatable BackMax relieves strain and tension on the lower back by allowing the spine to maintain its natural curve and back muscles are able to relax.

Leg Elevation

By elevating your legs, it's been noted that it helps aid circulation. Great for those suffering from edema or other forms of swelling.

The foot rest is another great way to elevate your legs and feet which helps improve support for any swollen feet.

Upright Seated Position

When using the Inflatable BackMax's’ backrest in the upright position, it offers ultimate support for reading, watching TV, eating, nursing, plus much more.

Elevated Head Position

As many doctors have noted that many patients suffer at least once a month from gastrointestinal problems. The Inflatable BackMax allows sufferers to rest and relax more comfortably by gently elevating them as opposed to someone laying flat.

Zero-Gravity Position

If you opt for full body support, and use all 3 wedges and lay in the standard position, you are then placing your body in the 120 degree angle position. Many refer to this position as the “zero- stress” or “zero-gravity” position. This positions helps relieve tension and lower back strain allowing the muscles and ligaments to relax.

NASA Astronauts are seated in the same zero-gravity position during liftoff to help minimize the pressure on their body.

Contour BackMax now Available in Both Support Foam and Inflatable Models

Product Reviews

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  1. adjustable comfort 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2015

    i got the foam contour max for post rotator cuff surgery. It has been a great help and I can't wait to try other configurations after i am out of the sling. We have a king size bed and there is no problem . I use a twin sheet on it and one over it. It is currently sitting on top of the king bottom sheet and the king top sheet has been scooted towards the middle so my husband can move easily on his side

  2. Best solution we found 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2015

    My husband had cancer surgery and must sleep upright. We tried a variety of wedges and cushions, but none worked. We slept in recliners for awhile because we couldn't find anything that worked. This is the perfect height. It is comfortable. He doesn't slide down while he is sleeping. It keeps him in a natural position. It is wide enough so he can rest his arms on the wedge. He is sleeping much better. That you.

  3. Very Satisfied 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2015

    Product was shipped and received quickly and was of very good quality. Met my needs perfectly as I recover from lumber spine fusion surgery.

  4. great for tall/big back pain sufferers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2015

    I am thrilled to be able to sleep in my travel trailer with NO BACK PAIN in the morning. the 42" wide inflatible version is the closest thing to my adjustaable bed at home and fits even myn 6'2" 280 lb frame.

  5. Great comfort after my esophagectomy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st May 2015

    I love this product. The removal of my esophagus means I cannot lie flat on my back. I have a wedge my daughter bought for me but I kept on sliding down the wedge. The Inflatable BackMax Cushion works much better than the couch cushions I improvised. The first two Inflatable BackMax Cushion had a leak in the middle section (I only weigh 147 lbs. and they were replaced under warrantee by Amazon) I am going to purchase a foam version for home and use the inflatable for traveling.

  6. Sleeping In Comfort - At Last!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2015

    I have been blest with Sleep Apnea so I've been using a CPAP machine, for a long time. The CPAP caused a permanent sore throat due to it's pumping air down my throat all night, and I had a Humidifier on it. I'm happy to report that I'm no longer using the CPAP. and my sore throat has gone away, thanks to the Back Max Body Wedge.
    I learned, while in the hospital for surgery, that I did not need the CPAP, as long as I elevated my upper torso, and set my legs up for correct circulation, using their adjustable hospital bed.
    When I got home I was going to get one of those beds. The cost stopped that pursuit. So I tried various combinations of cushions and wedges, to try to achieve the same effect. But these arrangements had one big problem - they changed their configurations throughout the night, causing me to constantly awake and reposition them. The only one that didn't shift was the Back Max Body Wedge.
    This unit sets me in the correct position - and holds it throughout the night. As a result, I'm getting a full night's sleep without interruptions. It's the most comfortable arrangement I've had in the past 30, or so, years.
    Good job Contour Living!
    I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyable sleep! (so's my wife - who no longer has to listen to all that racket the CPAP made)

    Update: Before you discard your CPAP, see your prescribing physician and do a BOL (Blood Oxygen Level) test. I did, and we found out that I was not getting the optimum level, which is why the CPAP was originally prescribed. So, I'm back on the CPAP, aftermaking some adjustments to it to relieve the sore throat (my wife's not happy, but....).
    Thanks to the Back Max, I'mstill getting a much more comfortable sleep, and that persistent minor backache that I used to get every morning, is gone!

  7. My Second BackMax - This is great! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2015

    My first BackMax was the one made from support foam. The first night I used it was the first time I slept through the night in a year due to back pain. The only problem with this version is that it was so slender their was no room for your arms. I had to use pillows on both sides to support my arms as the height of the pillow would leave your arms just hanging. It is also a pain to pack and takes up a great deal of room to transport.
    This second one was the inflatable version which is wonderful for travel. The fact that it folds up to about 12 x 17 x 7 inches makes it easy to put in a suitcase or even mail ahead of time to your destiny. It can be inflated to the firmness you desire. It is wider than the first version and your arms fit on it without the need of extra pillows on the side. I will keep both of them but will definitely take the inflatable one for travel. If it holds up as well as expected, I will be selling the original.

  8. Finally good sleep away from home! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Mar 2015

    My husband has a bad back, sleeps in an adjustable bed at home. Whenever we went away on vacation, I always tried to find something with a recliner so he could sleep (he can't lay flat). This is wonderful, lets him sleep and is portable. Perfect. So glad I find it.

  9. Changed My Life! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Mar 2015

    I have had back problems all my adult life. Five years ago I had to have spinal surgery which left me unable to lay down without pain. I researched for anything that would help me. The BackMax Body Wedge did just that. I can now rest my back during the day and sleep without pain all night long. It puts you in the ultimate Zero Gravity position, so there are no pressure points and it positions your spine the way nature intended. It truly changed my life!! Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

  10. Too short in every way 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2015

    Although I am under 5'6" tall, every part of this is too short for me.
    If it was the right size for me, I think it would be a very good solution. Unfortunately I have to return it.

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