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Next Generation Contour CPAPmax Pillow Features Dual Sides for Patient Choice and Greater Comfort

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Advanced Design Allows CPAP Users to Choose Traditional Fiberfill or Plush Memory Foam

CHARLOTTE (September 30, 2010) - Contour Products ™, a brand leader in the sleep, comfort and support industry, is introducing its next generation answer to the popular Contour CPAP Pillow, which provides CPAP therapy patients with a choice in pillow surfaces in addition to ensuring that they sleep comfortably throughout the night. “We’re pleased to offer this 2-in-1 pillow to CPAP patients, a group of people who often feel as though they have few options,” said Scott Davis, President of Contour Products™. “Although this pillow was designed specifically for CPAP users, it’s comfortable enough for everyone.” The updated patented design of the Contour CPAPmax Pillow still features pressure-free zones that accommodate any respiratory mask for improved patient comfort, reduced mask shifting and leaks as well as greater freedom of movement during the night.

The pillow’s unique dual-sided construction called for a creative approach to designing the product. “We wanted to include memory foam and fiberfill as options for CPAP patients, but also needed to maintain the pillow’s structure so that the pressure-free zones hold up underneath the weight of the user’s head,” said Keith Coponi, Contour’s product designer. “So we kept the conventional foam core to provide edge stability and we’ve sewn fiberfill into the cover to offer the traditional feel that many people prefer.” The end result is a pillow that provides patients with the support and mask accommodation that they need without compromising the comfort they want.

Aside from its dual-sided construction, the Contour CPAPmax Pillow boasts numerous upgraded features. Ventilated foam offers coolness and breathability and reduces heat and humidity build-up, a common complaint among CPAP users. A center area has been molded into the pillow’s design so that patients can see where to properly position their heads to improve posture and airway alignment in the back sleeping position. A broader landing area exists on the pillow’s surface between its center and pressure-free zones, which better accommodates side sleepers and larger individuals. The pillow’s patent pending Ergo-Flex design forms to the user’s shape to ensure proper alignment and orthopedic support for the head and neck.

In keeping with the theme of options for the CPAP therapy patient, the Contour CPAPmax Pillow’s cover is also dual-sided. One side is made of breathable 3-D Mesh material and works in combination with the ventilated foam to provide a cool layer of moisture and humidity reduction around and underneath the user’s head. The other side features Micro-Pillow textured fabric, providing a soft, comfortable sleeping surface. A thick layer of fiberfill has been sewn into this side of the cover to provide the traditional comfort and feel that so many people have come to expect from a pillow.

The original Contour CPAP Pillow features that addressed key issues affecting patient compliance have all been carried over to this next generation design. These include the pressure-free zones, ergonomic shape, shoulder groove and inclined forehead area.

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