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New Kabooti Seat Cushion

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Some things in life are appropriately named; the coffee cup, used to enjoy that daily morning brew. the toothbrush, a brush designed for the pearly whites, and the latest product to hit the market, the Kabootie wedge is named for, well, just that. The booty. In the vast market of all things pillows, this specially crafted ring stands tall.

The three-in-one pillow is designed to comfort the coccyx, to be used as a donut wedge and seating cushion all at once. The coccyx reduced pressure on the tailbone while the ergonomic design promotes proper posture. The ring contains innovative lobes to improve sitting quality and the tapered front edge design reduces uncomfortable pressure points underneath the thighs making it easily suitable for a table top, desk top or vehicle use!

Whether or not you are in need of a quality donut design for a medical purpose such as hemmoroids, a tailbone injury or post surgery, this unique design was created for these purposes and many more. If you are prone to numbness while seated for long periods of time, this pillow is ideal and the strain and pressure are removed through its folding wedge design.

The Kabooti cushion provides a complete solution to sitting. It's innovative design is unlike any other product on the market.

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