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Mattress Remedy Restores Original Support of Sagging Mattresses

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Inflatable Support System Solves Body Alignment Issues Caused by Older Mattresses

CHICAGO (2007 International Home & Housewares Show) – Contour Living™, a leader in the ergonomic support and comfort industry, announced today the launch of the patented Mattress Remedy, a product designed to restore the support of a sagging mattress.

Sagging mattresses can contribute to shoulder, back and hip discomfort, due to poor support and improper body alignment during sleep. Contour Living has introduced the Mattress Remedy to provide an affordable option for correcting a mattress’ sagging spots.

The Mattress Remedy’s patented inflatable support system lies between a mattress and bedsprings, situated beneath the bed’s sagging area. The system connects to a hose and hand pump used to inflate the product, eliminating any low spots or depressions.

“Research indicates that even a new mattress can begin to sag within six months,” Scott Davis, president and CEO of Contour Living, said. “This product helps extend the life of a mattress, allowing consumers to continue to comfortably enjoy their investment of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars in their mattresses.”

The Mattress Remedy’s control valve regulates the amount of air the system contains, allowing users to set their own level of desired firmness for their mattresses and create customized support.

“This product can also be a practical solution for couples who have different preferences on how firm they like their mattress to be,” Davis added. “If a wife thinks her side of the mattress is broken in perfectly, but her husband is complaining his side doesn’t have enough support, the Mattress Remedy can be an affordable answer to this problem.”

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