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Eliminate Back Pressure with a BackMax Plus

For those who suffer from back pain, you know there’s nothing quite like being completely relaxed. Where the back is free of weight or pressure of any kind. And you also know how difficult it is to achieve this status. Due to the very nature of muscle spasms or aches, there’s very few times of [...]

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How to Beat the Summer Humidity

Whether morning or mid-afternoon, the dog days of summer – named for their tendency for the hottest temperatures of the year – can lead toward a miserable day. Some days, the misery takes place just as soon as we step outside. Even at times when temps are at their most mild, the outdoors can be [...]

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Love Camping? Follow These Sleeping Tips to Stay Safe

It’s prime camping season, and for adventurers all over the country, that means packing up, heading out into the woods, and spending some time over night. Hopefully underneath the stars where those of all ages can enjoy some of the best views that Mother Nature has to offer; it’s simply an experience that no other [...]

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Tips for Fighting Summertime Allergies

Even though spring has passed, along with some of its harshest irritants, it doesn’t mean that sufferers are in the clear. With all of the plants and ongoing particles that are floating in the air, sneezing, eye watering, and itchy throats are still heavily in play. In fact, depending on the allergen itself, side effects [...]

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WondaWedge Inflatable Back Wedge Cushion

Sorry, this item is no longer availableCompact & Easy to Inflate - Great for travel! This unique back wedge inflates to provide great support and can be used almost anywhere - in bed, on floor, even at the beach. Its waterproof and has an attached mat that uses your own body weight to keep in place.Check [...]

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Can your Sleeping Temperature Affect Quality?

When you go to bed each night, one of the biggest factors as to how quickly you fall asleep is that of comfort. How comfortable your body is as far as sleeping surface, including pillow and mattress, but also how comfortable you are in your environment. For instance, if staying at a hotel or in [...]

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Everyday Habits That Contribute to Better Back Health

Daily routines – whether we realize it or not – have a great deal of influence on our bodies. Sitting in a chair for too long, running without stretching, or any other number of habits can directly affect how our body feels at the end of the day. Or, in many cases, how it feels [...]

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Tips for Making Your Mattress Last

Shopping for a new mattress is something that only has to be done every several years. (Except for those who like to upgrade on a more frequent basis.) When purchasing a quality model and taking precautions toward better longevity, a mattress can last in the upwards of 10 – even 20 – years. Models are [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Naps

After the age of grade school, naps come as a welcome break from the day. They offer a quick and enjoyable way to get energized … and all while being able to zone out from work, or whatever other responsibilities are on your plate. Additionally, many doctors agree that a routine nap can help increase [...]

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Can Laundry Habits Affect How Well you Sleep?

Love it or hate it, laundry is a necessary chore in everyday life. Even when it’s divvied up among housemates or family members, it’s a never ending task that dictates just what we can wear and when we can wear it. And while it might provide for a little more daily comfort – after all, [...]

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