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Better Sleep and Back Support Blog

Tips for Better Comfort in 2015

With the New Year comes all types of new goals and achievements to be made. There are adventures to create, improvements to make, happiness to strive toward, and a number of other personal goals. All of which stem from the coming of a new year, and therefore, a new start on what life has to [...]

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Spend your Holiday Cash on the Gift of Comfort

It may be a little too late to get in your Christmas shopping done online. But it’s never too late to spend your holiday funds! Take all those returned items that didn’t fit, or the cash that came from long-lost relatives in the mail, and turn them into some serious sleeping comfort. It’s the perfect [...]

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European Goose Down Bed Pillow

 Sorry, this item is no longer available Premium 500 thread count European Goose Down Pillow These pillows are incredibly luxurious and comfy, filled with a special hand plucked European Down. 750 Fill Power, for maximum comfort.Check Out Our Bed PillowsPremium 500ct European Goose Down PillowThese pillows are incredibly luxurious and comfy, filled with a special hand [...]

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5 Illnesses That Can Get Worse With Sleep

Sleep is a time for rest and relaxation. Where you can recharge your body for the day, and get rid of previous tension or pains. Just by sleeping and letting your body do all the “work,” while you’re konked out and dreaming. An ideal situation for anyone. Especially after a particularly awful day or when [...]

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Bending and Your Back: A Love-Hate Relationship

How many of us love bending? Like actually love doing it – for whatever reason? Whether you’re exercising or just happen to drop something, the thought of stopping and putting your head where your feet go – well, it’s not exactly something we want to do on a regular basis. A necessity, sure. But not [...]

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Simple Steps to Better Rear Comfort

The state of one’s rear is likely not the forefront of your everyday thoughts. It might pop up in passing or as you sit down on a comfortable (or not so comfortable) surface. But for the most part, it’s unlikely you spend much of your day worried about your backside. Despite its lack of attention, [...]

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Shop Smart with our Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday is almost upon us. But thanks to our six-day event, there’s no getting up early and no beating the crowd! To show our customers the highest level of appreciation we’re offering the same deals from Tuesday November 25th through Sunday November 30th. Best of all, they’re our lowest prices of the entire year! [...]

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Are you Drinking Too Much Caffeine?

It’s no doubt that drinking coffee is an almost universal hobby. Folks just love the dark toasty blends that help get them up each morning. And whether they cake them with sugars and milk or opt for plain and black, coffee is one of the most universally loved substances. For all ages and all locations. But [...]

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New From Contour Living: The Comfort Guarantee!

Is it hard for you to commit to trying a new product? Are you worried about falling out of love – or out of “I have to have that” – just as soon as the payment has been made? Are you unsure if a product will be all its cracked up to be? Maybe you’re [...]

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The MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge – Now with a Video!

Who doesn’t love small versions of their favorite things? It’s the same product (or food) you love, but in a more manageable, easier to use version. Oftentimes, mini options also offer a more affordable way to obtain some of our most-needed (or most-wanted items). Still need convincing that smaller just might be better? Just take [...]

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