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10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Back Pain

Back To The BasicsLow back pain affects 60%-80% of the U.S. adult population at some time during their lives. Back symptoms are among the top 10 leading reasons to visit the emergency room. With statistics like these, it only makes sense to do what is necessary to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. [...]

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Ergonomic Sleep and Body Comfort Items

Contour Products(TM) Works with National Drug Store Chains to Offer 'Cash-and-Carry' Ergonomic Sleep and Body Comfort ItemsEffective, Affordable Solutions Fill Important Medical Niche for CustomersContour Products, a leader in the ergonomic sleep and body comfort industry, recognizes an important trend in the home health care market as more national drug stores are offering cash-and-carry items [...]

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How to Maintain a Healthy Back

According to a recent report from CBS News, Back pain is one of the most common of human complaints and Eight out of ten Americans will experience debilitating back pain sometime in their lives. With those extreme statistics we had better start now taking care of our back and finding ways to alleviate even the [...]

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Ergonomically Sound: Benefits of Ergonomics

When you think of a workplace “injury,” the first image that may come to mind would be a pulled muscle in the back from lifting too heavy a box in a giant warehouse. While these types of heavy-lifting injuries are very common, so are those of smaller body parts; the fingers, wrists and elbows just [...]

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Using the BackMax Plus for Surgery Recovery

After any level of surgery, it’s always a good idea to let the body properly heal. Whether it needs rest, physical therapy, or just a great deal of pain medication, surgeries of all kinds need to be treated with respect. Lest the patient move on too quickly and create an additional injury. Of course, it’s [...]

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10 Contour Living Gifts That Will Fit Inside a Stocking

When it comes to holiday shopping, it can be easy to forget about the little items. The batteries needed to run that new remote control car, a knife to open up taped packages, or any other last-minute item that just seems to fall below the radar. For some, this can include smaller gifts to help [...]

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Back Pain Warning Signs

The prevalence of back pain in our country often leads people to dismiss back problems as something that they just must learn to live with. We have a tendency to reach for whatever over-the-counter pain reliever is in the medicine cabinet and go about our daily business.Often times, back pain is no cause for concern [...]

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Improve Your Posture While You Drive

Maintaining proper posture at all times is important. Having poor posture can lead to back and muscle pain and can potentially make you hunched back. Even while you drive you should try to maintain a proper posture. If you sit in a car for long periods of time you can have hip and back problems. [...]

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Pulse Air Lower Back Massage

  Sorry, this item is no longer available Internal air cells built into the back and sides inflate and deflate alternately to work out those kinks around your waist and low back area. You control the intensity to easily relieve stress and discomfort. It's portable, adjustable and easy to use. Check Out Our Other Back Pain Solutions USES A [...]

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What is a Herniated Disc

Anyone can develop a herniated disc, if they are not careful. Your back has bones called vertebrae. These bones make up your spine. The vertebrae are cushioned with spongy discs that are small in size. On a healthy person the discs will absorb shock. It will also keep the person’s spine flexible. When the disc [...]

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