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Can Sitting on your Couch Cause Aches and Pains?

Sitting on the couch – or the idea of it – is about as American as it can get. Whether relaxing after a long day at work, catching up with an old friend, or tuning into your favorite shows, it’s common to do so while sitting on the couch. And why not? It’s comfortable, it’s [...]

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Cold Weather and Joint Pain

When the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow. As the popular children’s poem states, winds from the north bring in colder weather – often snow, freezing rain, sleet, or just the colder temperatures traveling with said wind. No matter the result, wintertime winds are less than warm. But aside from being chilly [...]

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Treat These Medical Ailments with Your New L-Shaped Pillow

Whether or not we’re aware, how we sleep each night can lead to a number of health related problems. From the positions we sleep in, to the mattress we sleep on, to the levels of rest we’re able to achieve, our health can take a direct hit. You know how great it feels after a [...]

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Why Do Joints Pop and is it Bad for Bone Health?

Hearing the sound of cracking knuckles can put a person instantly on edge. It’s one of those habits some find addicting, and others want to remove from social norms altogether. Depending on your willingness to hear the regular pop, it could be a sweet form of relief, or the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. The [...]

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7 Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Every day, thousands of Americans wake up tired and unrested. Some might have had trouble hitting the hay or had a stressful next day that kept them up – fretting about the following day’s events. A large majority, however, were kept awake for a different reason: they have undiagnosed sleep apnea.Because it’s a sickness that [...]

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Why a Better Bra Will Help Your Back Health

Out of all the things that contribute to – to take away from a healthy back – there’s no arguing that some are more prevalent than others. Injuries can take a strong hold, posture or everyday activities contribute can create painful habits, while types of chairs can offer a great deal of added stress. And [...]

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Improve Dry-Mouth Sleeping Patterns with a Humidifier

This time of year, it’s common to wake up with a dry mouth or scratchy throat. Additionally, we can suffer from dry skin, and enough static to start a small campfire, should the energy be correctly harnessed. After months of a continual dry/static-y environment, the body begins to show a serious lack of moisture. We [...]

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How Does a Coccyx Cushion Help Tailbone Problems?

For those who have ever sat too long, you understand the pain associated with the tailbone. Whether frequent or ongoing, it’s a pain that makes everyday tasks – like sitting, kneeling, or bending – extremely difficult. Sometimes the area feels numb, sometimes it aches in a dull, ongoing manner, while other times it’s sharp and [...]

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Pop Culture’s Worst Sleepers of All Time

Though entertainment is rarely seen as the most realistic of portrayals, TV shows and movies alike have long since been public favorites. We tune into these shows, get to know the characters within them, and we become personally invested in their lives. Sure we know it’s “just a program,” but it’s also a way to [...]

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10 Reasons Generations Past Had Severe Back Pains

Today, comfort is all the rage. Folks sleep in fuzzy pajamas, they heat their homes until they're toasty and warm, they sit on cozy couches each evening, as well as whatever other habits that lend itself to a pillow-coated surrounding. And why not? After hours of hard work each day, it’s a welcome perk.But such [...]

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