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Better Sleep and Back Support Blog

The Rise of the Adult Onesie – Are they Interfering with Sleep

Over the past few years, a fashion phenomenon has been sweeping the country. No longer are children the only ones wearing long, one-piece pajamas. Thanks to a boom in production and nostalgia, adults across North America are jumping on board the onesie-wearing trend. From teenagers, to full-gown adults, all ages and sizes are hopping on [...]

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How to Best Utilize the 90-Minute Sleep Pattern

Because sleeping is an ongoing necessity, most of us have the practice down pat. There may be a few exceptions for insomniacs or colds that don’t allow us to breathe through the night, but for the most part, folks understand when and how much sleep their body needs, and how to best obtain it. After [...]

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Are your Feet Giving you a Backache

The body is a complicated piece of machinery. As we continue to learn more about how it works and how intricately everything is put together, the better we can help prevent future ailments. Just by knowing what triggers what, we can work to improve our health on a daily basis. And more often than not, [...]

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How to Take Better Care of Your Muscles

Muscles are one of the body’s most intricate systems. Yet, despite their multiple functions, they’re often overlooked. They allow us to move, keep organs safely in place, and help nutrients to travel throughout the body – so why do we not take better care of these amazing little pieces of bodily machinery? After all, if [...]

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Is Your Back Pain Being Over Treated?

For years, folks have been suffering from chronic back pains. They’ve undergone regular doctor visits, surgeries, pain killer regimens, and almost any other type of treatment available. While relief has been available for some, others have only had their symptoms increase. The harder they work to fight their back pains, the more strenuously they’ve returned.And [...]

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The Flip Pillow – Now in Color!

For all the color lovers out there, we have some great news: never will you have to lounge on a boring, white Flip Pillow again! Now you can outfit the model in a vibrant, personalized color. Still coming with the same great comfort and posture features, now users can sleep, sit, and lean in style. Choose [...]

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10 Things People with Carpal Tunnel Should Never Do

Each day, thousands of Americans suffer from pains associated with carpal tunnel. Hailing from repetitive motions, their symptoms might come from typing on a keyboard, texting multiple times per day, or simply performing the same motion over and over again. Such as changing tires or working along a factory assembly line. However, the effects of [...]

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How the Common Cold Can Affect your Bones

It’s that time of year when folks are suffering from the common cold. Whether it’s their first of the season or a recurring bug that just can’t be kicked, it’s safe to say that germs are heavily among us. And unfortunately, those colds can affect us in more ways than we realize. Sure they make [...]

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New Results Prove you Can Sing your Snoring Away

Are you a longtime snorer? Or do you just sleep next to one instead? No matter which side of the snoring equation you’re on, it’s less than pleasant to be in a room full of nighttime nasal sounds – whether or not you’re the one providing it. It’s loud, interrupts sleep, and can lead to [...]

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Can Flu Season Contribute to Body Pain?

This time of year, thousands of Americans are suffering from the common cold. Fevers are a norm, draining sinuses happen each and every day – worse in the chillier temps – and body aches are a regular occurrence. It’s flu season, meaning these symptoms are steadily making their way throughout the population. And while many [...]

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