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Better Sleep and Back Support Blog

The 5 Healthiest Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

Toward the end of a pregnancy, it can be hard to get comfortable … at all. Let alone while you’re trying to get some sleep in the process. Because your body is growing and your organs are making way for the ongoing changes (a whole other person), there are simply too many adjustments to account [...]

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6 Foods you Should Never Eat – and Why

Now that’s it’s February – a full two months into 2014 – it’s likely that resolutions are a thing of the past. While some stick to these long-term goals, for many they’re nothing but a former promise they once made. A potential new start. But now that the new-ness has worn off, making healthy food [...]

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Superfood Combinations to Jumpstart Bodily Functions

It’s long been said that eating healthy can give a swift jump start the body. With the right amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, and more, almost any bodily function can receive an instant upgrade in efficiency. And because these foods are packed full of vitamins and the substances we need most, sticking to an enriched [...]

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5 Workout Moves You Should Never Do

When it comes to working out, nothing keeps you quite as healthy as staying on the move. Regular exercise boosts your metabolism, it keeps your blood pumping, and it’s a great way to add energy throughout the day. Especially during lethargic afternoons. Not to mention added benefits such as weight loss, increased health, and an [...]

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Prep Your Pillow for All Seasons with this New Cover

As the warmer months draw near, it’s time to reevaluate our everyday routines. The thermostat must be adjusted, clothing upgraded to match the warmer season, cleaning out the house now that the weather has allowed it, and so on. But for the hot sleepers of the world, this also means readying your bedroom for the [...]

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The Heartbleed Bug

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen messages and read extensive articles across major news networks and social media platforms on the current Heartbleed Bug. Between your friends screaming in caps, “CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS”, you losing your mind over which accounts you should change (or remember for that matter) or whether to give up on the [...]

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Can Better Posture Improve More Than Just Back Health

Whenever an ache or pain may occur, there are plenty of things that can be blamed. Maybe you lifted something wrong the day before, maybe it’s an old injury flaring up. Perhaps you slept wrong or exercised too hard without realizing it and forgot to stretch out the soreness. But more often than not, these [...]

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How To Catch Up On Sleep....and Why You Should

This time of year, it can be harder than normal to get the recommended amount of sleep. While, winter offers cold temperatures and short days that are perfect for snuggling under the covers, spring brings us responsibilities and earlier sunrises. Pair that with activities, warming temps, yard work, and an ongoing list of items that [...]

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5 Bedtime Mistakes That Can Decrease Sleep Quality

Out of all the issues you've ever had falling asleep, it’s likely that they've never been called mistakes. Bad decisions maybe, but not “mistakes.” In fact, more often than not, the reason you can’t get to sleep is through no fault of your own. For whatever reason, some nights it’s just harder to fall asleep than others. Whether you've tossed and turned, eaten too [...]

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The Rise of the Adult Onesie – Are they Interfering with Sleep

Over the past few years, a fashion phenomenon has been sweeping the country. No longer are children the only ones wearing long, one-piece pajamas. Thanks to a boom in production and nostalgia, adults across North America are jumping on board the onesie-wearing trend. From teenagers, to full-gown adults, all ages and sizes are hopping on [...]

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