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Hit the Beach in Style with the LA Wedge Headrest Pillow

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Almost as a rule, people have been heading to the beach for years. It's a simple form of pleasure that requires very little in the way of imagination or expense. And like many aspects of nature, it's what you make it. Those who love thrill and adventure can surf, sail, or boat away their afternoons. Others prefer to lounge and work on their tan. Either path is considered normal beach behavior, and there's no right or wrong way to approach this beloved hotspot.

That is, unless you're making it harder than it needs to be. Packing for the beach shouldn't be a pain, nor should hauling your gear from the car to the perfect sandy spot. To help make life easier (and more colorful), customers everywhere have been looking to Contour Living's latest product, the LA Wedge Headrest Pillow.

It's the perfect combination of functionality and beachy comfort. The smart kind – where sand easily brushes off and you can lay for hours at a time (with plenty of sunscreen, of course), in perfect comfort. Or if you're more of the sporty type, use yours as a carry-all and have your gear waiting for you ashore.

What is the LA Headrest?

It's a specialty designed foam pillow made for beach functionality. It has a both a compartment for holding personal belongings and a strap for easy carrying – both of which work in tandem with its pillow shape and comfort. (No more pushing and folding a towel until it fits just right beneath the neck, until it doesn't. This beach-ready foam will surpass your second towel with flying colors.) It also holds a perfect slot for keeping drinks cool. Carry and perch – all in one stylish product.

Stash away your sunblock and keys while lounging. Or pack along a few sodas to help quench your thirst in the day's heat.

Additional perks:

  • The headrest is great for the beach, pool, parks, and more! (And since it's made by Contour Living, you can relax knowing it's designed for proper neck and head alignment.)
  • Each LA Cushion is made from coated, high quality support foam.
  • Store away cell phones, wallets, keys, and more. The pouch keeps them out of view for anyone thinking about snatching your goods, and compacts what you're required to carry to your beach adventure!
  • It serves as a mini-sized cooler! Keep water, sodas, juices, and even alcoholic beverages nice and chilly without the need for an entire cooler. Perfect when fending for yourself, or packing just a few beverages. Add snacks if you dare!
  • It floats. Don't worry about a rogue wave taking your prized possession out to sea. The floating pillow is also ideal for rafts or getting a tan while in the water. What other beach pillow can say that?!
  • Did we mention this thing is colorful? It comes in six different neon hues (blue, red, yellow, pink, turquoise, and green) – mix and match to your preferences as desired.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who loves heading to bodies of water – whether fresh or salt water, or even man-made. The LA Cushion is great for all ages, and for helping tackle all types of activities. They're lightweight, meaning kids can easily carry their own cushion, while adults can eliminate the need for a bag by placing their items inside the wedge instead. With so many possibilities, you'll find all types of uses for your latest Contour product. Order multiples for friends and family, or stick to a single version for all your water-based trips. We're even offering a low introductory price!

To learn more or to start shopping today, head to our website.

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