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Eliminate Back Pressure with a BackMax Plus

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For those who suffer from back pain, you know there’s nothing quite like being completely relaxed. Where the back is free of weight or pressure of any kind. And you also know how difficult it is to achieve this status. Due to the very nature of muscle spasms or aches, there’s very few times of the day when they don’t hurt. In whatever intensity of pain – even just when sore. This is especially true for the back, which holds the body upright and works to control the majority of your weight. While your weight can be moved or adjusted, it’s very rare that it can be completely removed altogether.

One such instance is with the BackMax Plus. It’s a unique cushion system that allows you to completely remove pressure from the back. No matter if you suffer from minor twinges or everyday pain, it’s an easy way to give the back a much-needed break. Best of all, the cushion can be adjusted and reformed to meet your specific muscle relief needs.

How the BackMax Works

Made from a series of quality and supportive foam triangles, each user can reform and flip the cushions into their desired shape. Choose from nine unique formations to take the pressure off your back, legs, or neck. Sections also zip off and re-zip to create an alternate shape or size. Each section can also be easily cleaned (just remove and throw in the laundry) so you’re sure that the surface is free from germs at all times.

To find the shape or position that best relieves your back pain, experiment until you find what works best. Simply fold and zip into the perfect pain relief formation. You can also use Contour Living’s website as a guide for different poses. As well as which poses are best suggested to eliminate various types of pain. (Your doctor will also be a great resource.) Because it offers so many options in one, it’s easy to create the best combination without spending a fortune in the process. (Many alternatives create a single shape for back pain sufferers.)

Other Perks

  • The BackMax allows you to easily elevate all sections of the body to promote blood flow, weight relief, gentle stretching, and more.
  • Great for post-surgery recovery. Specifically for knee or leg surgeries that require blood flow promotion or elevation.
  • The fully inclined pose, also known as the “zero gravity position” completely removes weight from the lower back. This also brings the legs above the heart, which leads to better circulation. It also allows the body to distribute its weight evenly.
  • Can be easily placed on the bed for at-night recovery help or pain relief.
  • Made to last for years, so you can benefit from ongoing comfort and reduced back pain.

BackMax’s Specs

The BackMax Plus was made with various body types and sizes in mind. Because it’s composed of ultra supportive foam, it can hold up through hours of pain relief and comfort. Just ask some of our repeat customers – they’ve had their BaxMax models for years! It also comes in two sizes – 20 inches or 28 inches – so you can find the perfect width, whether using the cushion on the living room floor or in bed, and to recover from surgery, or to remove weight from the back.

Users can also upgrade to a fleece cover for an extra luxurious feel, and earn themselves a carrying case in the process. That way you can enjoy muscle relief when traveling, or wherever else the day might take you.

For a limited time, the BackMax Plus is on sale! Click to save funds and earn free shipping.

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