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How to Buy the Best Sheets for Any Season

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There’s no doubt that our sleeping needs change with the weather. Colder days mean we’re more likely to lose heat throughout the night. While the opposite is true for summer, even with the AC running on full blast. High humidity can sink through even the thickest of walls. Poor insulation, body heat, and more all act as contributing factors.

Depending on your weather changes, your location might call for all seasons of sleeping gear – sheets, comforters, pillows – the whole nine yards. Both for yourself, and for your bed. All in the name of comfort, and obtaining a temperature of one’s choice.

With changing weather patterns you can be left remaking the bed multiple times in a single week, just to stay up to date with the latest temperature adjustment. But by shopping smart and purchasing items that are there to work for, not against, you, there’s far less work to be done. Beds that have to be made less often. And changes in accessories that are infrequently required. But all while still keeping your sleep routine on par.

Choosing Fabrics

Aside from contrary folklore that ensures sheets must be a certain thread count, it’s really more about the weight and feel of sheets you should be worried about, rather than the status. Sheets that are comfortable are more likely to let you sleep with ease – no matter how many threads were woven in.

It’s also a good idea to choose a natural fabric vs. artificial. This means that more air can breathe through, and heat won’t get trapped like synthetic blends. Or if you’re a really hot sleeper, a mattress topper with the same qualities will only help cool you down. Many who change their sheets, but don’t account for a rubber-lined or plastic mattress topper (waterproof and/or to seal out bed bugs), and end up just as warm as with their wintertime sheets.

Another factor you might not think matters is that of color. Especially in a sunny bedroom. Choose light-colored sheets so that heat is reflected, not absorbed. Even hours later, this can still make a difference in bed temp.

Temperature-Based Blends

When wanting to stay cool, silkier or slick blends will keep sheets from sticking. While wool or flannel versions are better for keeping in nighttime heat. (And the same goes for color here, opt for darker sheets to absorb heat throughout the day.) If you’re not sure what each blend will feel like, open up the top of the package, or opt for stores that leave out small fabric samples for shoppers to feel.

And if all else fails, look to online customer reviews to see how others liked the same products. Amazon is a top seller of all brands of sheets – even if you don’t purchase from their site, it’s a great place for information.

Additional Accessories

Once you have the basics, such as sheets and a mattress pad, sorted out, it’s time to look at whatever other bed features you might have. Such as pillows, mattress pads, and more. Pillows can be purchased with cooling features, which are also great for wintertime use. (No they don’t make you ultra cold – they just wick away heat as it collects.) There are also fabrics and/or products made for nighttime sweaters that can help keep them dry through even the hottest and most humid of nights.

No matter your climate or sleeping preferences, just a few adjustments can help make life easier. (And better rested.) Stick to these tips for a simple and effective way to sleep deeper each and every night.

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