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The Best Scents to Help with Relaxation

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In this week's blog we talked about the importance of scent.How it can act as an ongoing trigger to help ease the mind and calm the body.By doing nothing more than offering its natural scents into the air. (Click here to read more about it.) Today we'll take that mindset a step further and not only look at what smells are best rated to help you relax, but the best ways to inject your home (or office) with their proven flavors.

First, let's consider setup. Air fresheners are a crowd favorite, but did you know they aren't always as effective as DIY versions? Sure they pump good smells throughout your home, but they generally come with added chemicals or overly sweet versions of their predecessors. The same can be said for store bought potpourri and certain blends of candles. As well as canned air fresheners.

To get the most relaxing features out of your scent efforts, it's best to opt for less processed versions. Such as candles without artificial additives, aromatherapy, oil-based décor (think of those jars that host wooden sticks in them), or homemade recipes. Here, you're channeling natural scents and allowing them to flow on their own, rather than forcing them with chemicals and pumped air. It's a difference that might sound subtle, but can also create relaxation over what's just a nice smelling room. Natural arrangements are another option (and provide a more fresh and authentic smell).

Some prefer to switch up scent methods, or to change as needed, especially based on room setups. For instance bathrooms might be home to plenty of salts and soaps, while a living room might host a bowl of homemade potpourri. Meanwhile, the kitchen or bedrooms are better for an infuser. Test out each style to find one that best suits your lifestyle – or check out what others have done and learn from their experiences.

Scents that Work

Lavender is likely the best-known scent for relaxing. It's also widespread as it's used in sprays and hygiene products, as well as décor. Lavender can help calm as soon as it's breathed in. It's also said to help combat insomnia and depression – there are even the studies to prove it.

Vanilla is great when you're feeling worried or overwhelmed. Light a candle an hour or two before bed, or take in a few whiffs to settle yourself down. This gentle smell can also be baked into almost anything – allowing you to make a sweet treat while gaining mental sanity.

Jasmine is a gentle and flavorful substance known to help with many ailments. Mix it in your tea, waft it throughout the house, etc. – jasmine can provide wonders in any room of the house. And perhaps most impressively, it helps ward off negative or depressing thoughts.

Cinnamon might not sound relaxing – after all it's quite sharp, even spicy – but it's actually very well known for its abilities to clear stress. A sniff or two of cinnamon and you can help clear the brain from pesky thoughts and help ready yourself for more subtle activities, such as climbing into bed.

Olive oil at night can help cure your bedtime snack blues. (Especially those wishing to lose weight or stick to healthier eating patterns.) Get a bottle of the good stuff and sniff it before sleep to help keep those nighttime hunger pains from sneaking up on you – whether they're threatening to ruin a diet or just keep you from sleep.

Lemon, peppermint, chamomile, bergamot, and sandalwood are also known sleep encouragers.

Stick to these simple scents to help relax on a daily basis. Not only are they designed to help you rest, they can help keep your body in check at all times of the day – just by offering up their natural, well-scented qualities. 

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