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6 Ways to Travel with Contour

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Whether or not you've taken your summer vacation, chances are you're gearing up for the next one. Another chance to get away. Vacations or trips of all sizes are a relaxing way to see new things and chill out – to take a break from work, from daily responsibilities, and to just kick back. It's something we all need every once in a while, even if it's only for a night or two.

The bad thing about traveling away from home, however, is that you're left without your favorite amenities. Pillows, mattress pads, and more are left behind. Safely waiting for you upon return – unused.

But just because it's impractical to pack everything doesn't mean you can't pack something for comfort. Or replace some of the bulkier options with travel versions instead. For your next trip – short or small – take these products into account for a more comfortable travel session.

1. Pillows

Many of us travel with pillows anyway, it's a simple reminder of home. But when you pack a Contour pillow, you can ensure for added neck and bone health as well. And even though the larger versions might not be designed specifically to ride in the car, that doesn't mean they won't work as a comfy head prop. Then they're there waiting for you come bedtime. Pack along your favorite bed pillow for better sleep whenever you travel.

2. Leg Support

Whether sleeping or sitting in a vehicle, there's plenty of use for leg support. Prop up the knees and thighs, and keep them aligned through any position with the help of a Contour favorite. Try the Contour Memory Foam Pillow, or its cooling counterpart, the Cool Leg Pillow. Or opt for a two-in-one version like the Double Back Leg and Lumbar Support.

3. Neck Alignment

Sleeping in the car is almost an impossibility as far as comfort is concerned. Unless your properly adjusted, you're constantly jerking and shifting awake. To get some needed sleep (without constantly waking), look to the help of a product that's designed for that very cause. Such as the Twist Neck Pillow, Jackson Roll Pillow, Travel Core Neck Pillow (also coming with a cooling version), or the HealthSmart Headrest Pillow for a device that straps directly to the seat. And won't shift while riding.

4. Lower Back Cushion

Don't slouch while on the go! It's a habit that will only lead to even more slouching and back pain down the line. Instead, sit upright with the help of some lower back support. (And upper back, if needed or requested.) Get the most out of your products – without having to pile down the entire vehicle – with the Comfort Travel Cushion, Contour Travel Back Support, or the Dual Inflatable Seat Cushion for seating when you need it, and space when you don't.

5. Rear Cushion

Sitting for hours on end is good for no one. But the next time it has to be done, enlist the help of some cushion to help soften the blow. Use one of your lumbar/lower back models for a dual action model, opt for a two-in-one that rolls apart (like the Double Back Pillow), or give your rear its very own accessory. Try the Freedom Seat Cushion, the Kabooti, or the CustomAir Seat Cushion – all of which are great in your car year-round!

6. Full Body Comfort

For those looking to take it up a notch, travel with the Inflatable BackMax Body Wedge Set. This system is perfect for convenience, because it can be taken apart and adjusted into so many different positions, just like its predecessor. However, with the option of inflating, you can take the entire device along with you … without taking up excess luggage space.

Head to ContourLiving.com to start stocking up on your travel products today.

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