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Why Changing Weather Hurts (Literally) And What To Do About It

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It's getting to be that time of year again, where fall is near and cooler days are upon us. If not already taking over as the season of choice, chilly weather is certainly rounding the corner. And aside from changes that are more fun, like switching up our closets and seeing limited favorites at the coffee shops, there are a number of additional changes in store as well. Those that are far less welcome than pumpkin spice scents wafting through the air.

Because with changing weather comes additional adjustments, too. Specifically, those that affect the body. All too many of us experience aching joints and painful bones during cold seasons. Pains that exist for hours on end. Those who have felt said aches enough times knows what it means – a new wave of weather is coming in. Which may or may not be quick. While newbies might mistake this telltale sign for an injury or underlying issue.

Why It Hurts

In general, aching joints seems to be a right of passage. Very few children or youngsters experience this feeling, and those who do have likely had some sort of bone-related injury. Like needing a cast or restraining brace of some kind. Those who are older might have taken the same route, or had a joint that acted up over the years. One-too-many injuries later, and they were inducted into the "feeling the weather change" club. As for the older end of the population, they have the ability to earn pain all on their own. Without incident, just years of wear and tear that added up into one hurting machine.

As for the science behind it there is now ongoing research behind the matter. Professionals say rapid changes in barometric pressure cause friction within joints that have more wear than others. Generally, pain is experienced as pressure changes quickly. (It's an occurrence that can happen any time of the year, but is most common in colder seasons.) And more often than not, the less integrity within the joint, the more severe the pain. Therefore, those who have suffered serious injuries can predict minimal weather changes. While others might not notice aches until serious weather patterns are on their way.

Is It Real?

There is a huge portion of the population who simply don't believe in weather related pains. Either they haven't yet experienced it themselves, or readily feel the pains, but think the expiation is too crazy to be true. However, it's a claim that folks have been making for years – can that many generations have all been wrong? Besides, there's now facts to back up these claims.

Of course, sufferers and non-sufferers alike can form their own opinions, it's simply now a claim that's becoming more widespread.

What to Do About It

For those who are experiencing ongoing joint pains, there are a number of home remedies to look into. You can talk to your doctor or a natural health professional about diet adjustments. Pain medications, herbal remedies, essential oils, or a prescription can all work to level out body pains as well. Or you can look toward exercise, specifically on the joint(s) that cause the most amount of grief. Google what movements will work best at loosening those tendons and get to work. There might still be aches since they're weather induced, though extra movements can work to reduce intensity levels.

Another preventative measure is simply looking up weather changes. By keeping tabs on fronts or developments, you'll have a better idea as to when pains will take place. And over time, know how to put up a better fight.

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