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Pajama Perks: How to Dress for Better Cold Weather Sleep

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Sleep is sleep – right? A nightly process that allows us to ready ourselves for the next day. A process that shouldn’t be interrupted by outside factors. Such as what you wear to bed each night. It simply shouldn’t have an affect on how much rest you’re able to get, bottom line. In theory, this is a solid statement. One that outlines just how well you should be able to sleep, whether wearing sweats or personalized PJs that are monogrammed with one’s initials. However, in practice, certain materials can actually help us sleep much better than others. Cotton might not breathe well, especially in hotter or sticker temps. While silk might be more comfortable, but cause us to slide about across the sheets. Rather, the key is finding the just-right material that helps us get better sleep each night.

Other factors, such as temperature, sheet material, soft or firmness of the bed, and more, can also work to add to (or take away from) your sleeping experience. It’s when we’re able to find a solid balance of all factors that we’re able to achieve the best, most rest-inducing levels of sleep each night.

However, many argue that pajamas have the one of the biggest amounts of control on sleep levels. For whatever reason, how we lie, or become entangled in an oversized shirt each night can keep us awake far easier than any other variable. Which is why it’s best to opt for types of PJs that help sleep. Not inhibit it.

Materials That Help you Sleep

Each person is different, but it’s safe to say that flannels and cottons will cause an itchy or uncomfortable night. Unless it’s chilly or you’re an incredible sleeper, choose softer, more breathable options when tucking in. Layering and wearing socks in cooler temps can also increase your levels of rest. In the winter, it can be harder to stay warm while resting, causing us to wake from being too chilly. Additionally, a significant portion of body heat can actually escape through the toes, and putting on socks is a simple way to help keep in the heat.

There are also materials that are specially made to help coax you into comfort each night. These blends are breathable, and provide garments that won’t budge or pull throughout your sleep.

Another aspect to consider is sizing. While it might be comfortable (at first) to sleep in oversized tees or pants, the more you roll or reposition throughout the night, the better chances you have at getting caught up in excess folds. Instead, put on pajamas that offer a better fit, or are just slightly large, to create a better nighttime sleeping pattern.

Tips for Dressing the Bed

Pajamas aren’t the only materials that can make or break a night’s rest. What you put on your bed can also greatly impact how well you’re able to rest. Some prefer the feel of flannel sheets, while others prefer to host silky, summer materials year round. Even if they’re colder than their plaid counterparts. Comforters can also add a great deal of heat without providing bulk or weight, while layering too many blankets can weigh you down more than they are warming you up.

When planning for winter months, be sure to consider the type of material of each layer to create a warm bed without weighing yourself down in the process.

How you dress, and dress your bed, can greatly affect how well you sleep each night. Consider switching up your nightly routine to better streamline cold weather sleep. 

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