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6 Natural Cures to Spring Allergies

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Though we still may have a few weeks of winter to go, spring has been making intermittent appearances since January. Days that warm up and thaw all types of plants, causing pollen and more to work their way back into the air. Breathing this in, however, can bring on different allergy symptoms. Such as runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat, and more.

In order to keep these issues at bay, however, there are a number of natural ways you can help reduce symptoms. Follow these simple and healthy steps each time you notice your spring allergies settling in – most of which can be done with the very items you host in your cabinet.

Hot Tea

When you have a sore or scratchy throat, fix some hot tea to help ease the pain. Additions such as honey, lemon, or herbs can also decrease pain levels while adding to the taste. Fix up your favorite concoction, or determine which additions help to best soothe your throat. Green or herbal teas can also help do the trick more quickly (and without ingesting too much caffeine).

Clearing Out Nasal Passages

This can be done a number of ways, but works to eliminate constant dripping of the nose. Use a steam bath, a nasal pot, or a plain old fashioned hanky. Herbal scents can also clear the airways. This works as a great step because it can be personalized to meet individual preferences, while still gets rid of ongoing nasal drainage that can lead to a long or uncomfortable day.

Eating Better

This might sound trivial, but taking in meals that are full of vitamins – especially greens – can greatly improve your health. And while it certainly won’t cure your allergies once and for all, it can give your immune system a serious boost. That means lowered symptoms (or at least the possibility for lowered symptoms), and the better ability to fight off sickness. (Feeling rundown, even from allergies, can make us more susceptible to colds.)

Sleeping on a Schedule

Chances are, when suffering from allergies, your body is more tired than normal. In order to help your body gain the strength it needs to better fight off symptoms, start sleeping on a strict schedule. That means a set bedtime and getting up when the alarm goes off. Snoozing doesn’t allow for real sleep to be gained. And once you’re awake and moving, many allergy symptoms that set in overnight will have worked themselves loose, specifically dry throats and a stuffy nose.

Vitamin Boosts

Foods aren’t the only way to get your daily dose of vitamins. Opt for juices infused with extra minerals, daily vitamins, and more to give your body the extra nutrition it needs. This is a simple way to kick any ill feelings without looking to medicine, which can often cause unnecessary side effects, such as drowsiness. (You can also talk to a health food pro about which items can help fight which symptoms.)

Favorite Family Secrets

When it comes to allergies, more often than not, Grandpa or Great Aunt Edna have a secret that you just have to try. While their musings might sound too good to be true, older generations have been there first. And often know what they’re talking about. Especially when it comes to dealing with sicknesses that can keep the doctor at bay. Their secret just might be able to make you feel worlds better.

Spring allergies can hit even the most healthy among us. Rather than suffering from uncomfortable symptoms for months at a time, look to these easy and budget-friendly methods and start feeling your best.

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