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Healthier Fall Food Alternatives Part 2

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It’s that time again, to continue with some of our fall favorite foods. After sharing colder weather fare that is packed with the most vitamins, today we’ll share even more options for kicking up your autumn cooking. (In case you missed part 1, here’s last week’s post on veggies, garden fare, and more.) Specifically, we’ll explore why these natural foods are healthier than others. And why some just might even be tastier than their fattier counterparts, despite getting a bad rap for years. (Yes, we’re talking about Brussels sprouts.) Whether you’re a fall recipe lover or just looking to get the DL on better eating, these nutrition favorites can help you do the trick.

If you missed it, check out Part One of Healthier Fall Foods: Healthier Fall Foods Part 1

Start incorporating them into everyday cooking, or researching for ways to give a vitamin boost to all of your favorite dishes.


They may be hard to eat (and hard to say, and no picnic to spell), but the pomegranate can offer some truly unique features. Like seeds that you can eat, and that are so tasty that you’ll actually want to eat. Technically a pulp, the inner sections of the pomegranate contain a chewy, juicy substance that can be eaten in all forms. Spoon these juicy red seeds into any breakfast dish, on dessert, or eat them plain for a swift bout of vitamins.

The fruit is also well known for its high level of antioxidants, allowing a boost to your immune system while helping to get rid of unhealthy toxins.

Turnip Greens

Before you cringe at the thought of eating “greens,” think of all the health benefits that can come along with these leafy plants. In fact, they’re so full of nutrients, our bodies can’t even process a single serving’s worth in one day. They have to work overtime in order to digest all of the turnip greens’ health perks. Hosting more than a daily dose worth of multiple vitamins – that’s an impressive feat, even for a green vegetable!

Generally a turnip top, these greens can be cooked into a number of savory dishes, or even cleaned and eaten as a salad. (Who knew the salad could get even healthier?) To obtain these greens, talk to a local farmer or with sellers at the produce market. Many will harvest the two separately or leave the greens for a different type of customer – one who will purchase an entire bag of greens.


Baked and mixed into plenty of fall favorites, this piece of fruit has long been known for its healthy traits. Especially in the fall. Eat them for the vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, or just for the delicious taste. Apples can also be eaten plain, or served into a number of dishes. For a fun fall twist, try homemade applesauce or cider – a healthier version of store-bought favorites.


Finally topping our list comes kale, another leafy green that’s packed with all types of vitamins, including A, K, C, and B. This substance is growing in recent trends for no reason – folks are finally understanding just how healthy kale can be. However, it’s not known for its incredible taste, which is why it’s often incorporated into health shakes, or cooked right into casseroles and starch-based bakes. Which can help blend out the veggie’s flavor. (Though some say it’s delicious – test it out and decide for yourself!)

Eating healthy this fall doesn’t have to be a rubbery, taste-less experience. Look to incorporating these vitamin-packed items for a proven way to boost your dish’s health factor. Without missing out on flavor.

Stay tuned for even more health tips – recipes, sleeping advice, and more. 

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