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Our Newest Favorite Product: The MiniMax

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Ready to never be uncomfortable again? Like ever? Then look no further than our latest addition to the Contour Living line, the MiniMax. A five-in-one rearrange-able pillow that allows you to contort and twist your new wedge into the supportive shape you most desire. Reading in bed? Use its traditional wedge shape. Playing video games in the living room? Try the seat cushion setup instead. Or, use the cushion to elevate legs and feet to reduce pressure, no matter your daily activities. Simply fold and allow the cushion to prop up tired or sore muscles while increasing blood flow where it’s needed most.

With these five positions that can easily be achieved, there’s no need to worry about back support on the go ever again. Users can even combine or separate the two cushion pieces for an even more versatile pillow experience.

Why the MiniMax?

The MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge allows sleepers to gain the comfort and support aspects they need without taking up too much space. (Or costing a fortune.) This just-right-sized model can easily be placed on one’s bed, or in the truck for easy travel. While still leaving plenty of room for luggage or other nighttime necessities. The compact size also packs a huge punch – creating a product that helps but doesn’t overstay its welcome.

The MiniMax’s size also allows for a more affordable pain management option. Don’t break the bank with new fangled pillows that can only perform a single task – or two at most. The MiniMax’s versatility, however, offers multiple pillow options in one. All for the same small price tag.

But that’s not all that’s helping round out the MiniMax’s reach. Made from quality supportive foam, along with an outer layer of memory foam, the pillow is designed from the inside out to create the maximum amount of bodily support. Users can ease themselves into use, or come back for repeat pain relief with its comprehensive memory foam options. The two-layer model not only helps add longevity to the wedge’s lifespan, it creates a dual option that can cradle from the inside and the out. Whether elevating in bed, or recovering from a painful injury, the MiniMax’s incredible foam design can provide a less painful, quicker healing session for patients of all ages.

Shoppers can even buy now for access to free shipping.

Additional Pillow Features

The latest Contour pillow also offers:

  • The ability to elevate legs, knees, torso, or back.
  • A cozy fleece cover that’s perfect for relaxing in bed or on the go.
  • Gentle nighttime inclines to help fight GERD, indigestion, or acid reflux.
  • Rear support for any chair or sitting surface.
  • Doctor-approved resting angles and positions, especially for surgery recovery. (Though you should always talk to your doctor before using the product for medical treatment and/or recovery options.)
  • A unique hinge design that allows users to readjust and reconfigure their pillow to create a shape that best meets their needs. And if your pain location changes, simply adjust for all new access to your resting options.

Each MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge also comes with a removable cover that’s ideal for easy washings. Simply unzip and throw your case in the washer to ensure a clean, ready-to-use pillow at all times. Textured to add comfort, the two-tone cover creates an extra layer of wedge usability, but without limiting it to home locations. For instance, after traveling or using the seat formation at the local stadium, remove the cover and wash for an always fresh pillow.

To learn more about Contour Living’s MiniMax, or to start shopping, head to our product page.

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