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BackMax Body Wedge Cushion Set
  • BackMax
  • Full BackMax Cushion Set
  • Includes Zero gravity Comfort Position
  • Arrange cushions for variety of positional support
  • Use bottom portion as leg elevation cushion
  • Back cushion can be unzipped and used independently
  • Standard backMax has fleece on all sitting surfaces
  • Total body support
Customer Rating:
4out of 5 - based on 63 reviews

Buy Now and get a FREE Pillow, Plus FREE SHIPPING! Our 3 wedge body support system - arrange in multiple combinations to elevate specific regions or for total body support. Choose Standard BackMax or Upgrade to our New Wide Deluxe Version. Read More...

On Sale From $149.95
In Stock and ready to ship
Regular Price: $300.00 (You save $150.05)

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Brand New - We now have a Deluxe, Extra-Wide version of our BackMax Wedge Set!


Enjoy total body comfort and support 8 different ways! This 3-piece multi-functional wedge system provides complete back and body support! Arrange the ergonomically designed cushions in multiple configurations to suite your individual support needs. You can even recreate the zero gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, one of the most relaxed positions for your body. Unique zippered connections allow full adjustability - just zip apart and use each cushion individually, or in any combination.

"...it actually works quite well. The cushions are zipped together, so you can use them all (as in regular position) or unzip and use the back wedge portion as I do. It's like having all the cushions you'll ever need in one set."  ... Contour Customer Review.

Order the BackMax wedge cushions today and Get FREE SHIPPING, Plus a FREE Pillow!

Standard BackMax Includes 

All 3 cushions in standard 20 inch width. The covers include Fleece on the top side of each cushion only, sides are a stretch polyester fabric.  This is the original BackMax! Includes free pillow.

BackMax Plus Includes

  • 28" wide - Perfect for bed top use, or larger people!
  • Upgraded Cover - Full fleece cover in caramel color
  • Includes Zippered vinyl carry and storage bag
  • Includes Free Pillow

Benefits of the BackMax Wedge Cushion System

  • Multi-functional full body support system helps creates positions
    recommended for elevating all parts of the body, including upper
    body, legs and feet
  • Head and body elevation is often recommended after surgery
    and for specific ailments
  • Full incline position (often called "Zero-Gravity Position"
    places the legs above the level of the heart, which can promote
    circulation and help
    distribute the weight evenly. 
  • Can be used in bed or on the floor 
  • Perfect for watching television, napping or reading.
  • Unique,zippered design allows cushions to be used together
    or seperately
  • Ultimate comfort for back, hips, legs and feet
  • Designed for years of comfort - Made from high
    quality support foam
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Helps Improve Comfort While In Recovery from Surgery


This is not a medical device and is intended only to improve comfort, posture
and support. It is not intended to treat any medical conditions.



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  1. sleeping much better

    Posted by Barb Gibson on 30th Jun 2014

    After my back relaxed the first night, I found the cushion very comfortable. It was such a relief not to wake up with achy legs and since I am no longer sleeping on my side, my back feels better and I don't wake up due to sore hips. The biggest surprise was that I ordered it online Sunday andreceived it Tuesday! You set the bar very high for promptness.

  2. Should have purchased it the first time I seen it!

    Posted by Tina on 28th Jun 2014

    I sleep great no aches and pain. No tossing and turning. Can breathe soo much better now, too. I leave set up on the bed....I have a heated throw on top of then cover it with a flat sheet, works awesome...I did have to unzip the foot portion for my legs to fit comfortably, but it is still awesome.

  3. Thank for the great product

    Posted by A on 27th Jun 2014

    I have Histamine intolerance and I swell upend have reflux problems severe.. I have been sleeping on 2 wedges but it was not high enough and had severe problems with breathing and reflux. I got the product and it has helped the strain on my
    Back from sleeping wrong and is helping the breathing and reflux. I was sleeping on my couch to be upright. This product has helped these issues. Thanks so very much.

  4. Has me sleeping in a bed again!

    Posted by Winnie on 27th Jun 2014

    I broke my back in '03. A few years after that I started sleeping in a recliner because I couldn't bear to lay flat in my bed. I have been in the recliner for 6 yrs. With the Backmax I am back in my bed and sleeping great! I would recommend this product to anyone with chronic back pain.

  5. Great Support for Lower Back Pain

    Posted by Al Humbert on 11th Jun 2014

    I got my order in 3 business days with the free shipping option. Since I put in on my bed I have got complete sleep and much relief of day time pain from my lower back area. I took a picture of the product and put in on my phone so I can show all my friends. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

  6. shattered collarbone

    Posted by Amy Corrieri on 30th May 2014

    Its great but if you have a tendency to roll over in your sleep it can be painful for the injury that I have which is a shattered collarbone I wish there were side supporters. but the product is amazing to watch TV on while stuck in bed it is very comfortable.

  7. Great product - thank you

    Posted by Ann in Canada on 30th May 2014

    I have hiatus hernia and was sleeping on an improvised wedge that had me sliding down all night long.
    Yesterday I received my BackMax plus and I love it - so comfortable. I was afraid maybe I'd have trouble getting used to it, but no problem. No problem sleeping on my side either.
    There were no shipping charges, Canada customs didn't charge duty, so, altogether it was a sweet deal!

  8. Great After Shoulder Surgery

    Posted by Stacie M on 26th May 2014

    Bought this for my dad after shoulder surgery - even though very painful, he was able to use the reclining position and place a pillow under his arm to keep it elevated and more comfortable. Was a big help.

  9. Contour BackMax Plus

    Posted by Connie Miller on 22nd May 2014

    This has helped me so much, that I went on vacation to Florida to see my daughter & I ordered one for her house the day before I left, Thank you for getting it to me so quickly, I had to go only one night w/o it. I thank god that is as long as I had to wait. Because believe me, w/just one night was enough for me, I couldnt sleep & was hurting very bad when I woke, due to Fibromyalgia. Plus had 3 bulging disks, after finding this & ordering it. It help my back, plus my sleeping. Thank you again for getting it to me so quickly, as I don't think I could have made it a second night w.o it. So Thank You Contour for helping me, it was a blessing from God finding your website. Thank you again!

  10. Works great! For now, I have to sleep sitting up.

    Posted by Luciano on 19th May 2014

    I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and right now I have to sleep sitting up. Slept in the recliner, but kept slipping. Slept on the bed with many pillows, but kept slipping. But now with the body wedge cushion set, I can sleep comfortably on my bed! I'm so glad when I ordered, that a wider selection was available. Thank you!

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