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Back Wedge Cushions by Contour Products

For help with GERD symptoms, acid reflux, indigestion, sinus troubles, more

Raising your upper and/or lower body during reclining positions (especially while sleeping), can help reduce many health symptoms and promote better support for a variety of health conditions. Contour Living is proud to present versatile wedge products designed to help support your back and legs: The Mattress Genie adjustable bed wedge lift and the BackMax wedge cushion systems, now available in multiple configurations to meet your every need. Plus a variety of foam back and leg wedges from Contour and other high quality manufacturers.

The Mattress Genie

The affordable adjustable bed! This wedge lift turns any ordinary mattress into an adjustable bed, complete with remote control! Raise & lower your upper mattress with ease.

Includes an Offer for Free Full Bed Massager!

BackMax Body Wedge Set

The most complete, full body orthopedic wedge cushion system. This 3-piece set supports the entire body in 8 comfortable and therapeutic positions, including "zero-gravity." Enjoy stress-free support and health benefits of body elevation.

Now with Massage, All Fleece Cover, carry bag and a FREE Memory Foam Pillow!

White Fleece Back Wedge With Internal Massage

Our best back wedge - Ergonomic support foam covered in super-comfortable fleece and even includes a built-in massage! Flips two ways for different support.

BedLounge Bed Wedge

Fully adjustable comfort wedge cushion - use in bed, on floor, anywhere you need custom, versatile support. Available in 5+ colors.

KneezUp Leg Wedge Cushion

Elevate your legs and knees with out comfortable Kneez-Up Wedge. At 17" x 10" x 7" it's the perfect size to raise your legs for healthy reasons, after surgery or injury, or in conjunction with our Mattress Genie wedge.